Professional Email Hosting Service

Host your business email With Acceza’s Email Hosting Plan



Perfect plan for individual users with a solid set of personal tools at the cheapest price

$2.00 per month
  • The Email 1 Account offers
  • 15GB /User Mailbox Storage
  • Catch-all Mailbox
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Unlimited Email Traffic



Business plan providesall the standard features, powerful collaboration tools and more

$49.00 per month
  • The Email 20 Account offers
  • 30GB /User Mailbox Storage
  • Catch-all Mailbox
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Unlimited Email Traffic



Enterprise-level service with extended capacity& features that meets your expectation

$99.00 per month
  • The Email 50 Account offers
  • 50GB /User Mailbox Storage
  • Catch-all Mailbox
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Unlimited Email Traffic


Where to Get Best Email Hosting Service?

Atova’s one of the best email hosting providers offering professional, flexible, and spam-protected mailing solution stored on reliable cloud platform to guarantee optimum performance with zero downtime perfect for both personal and business email hosting. Get Atova’s unlimited email hosting and create unlimited email addresses with your domain. Receive and send emails anywhere anytime through webmail, desktop, or mobile; and manage calendar, contacts, and tasks using our cheap email hosting services.


Access Anywhere, Anytime

Atova Technology provides email hosting services specially for those who do not require web hosting, but depend heavily on communication through emails for sustaining their business. As a fundamental key to the success in today’s business, email service is being used every day to keep in touch with the customers, clients, colleagues, partners, contractors – practically everyone who deal with your business. Therefore, with our cheap email hosting, you can always stay connected with your people seamlessly from anywhere anytime in the world with an internet connection significant for you and your business.

Junk & Virus Protection

Your email inbox can be a door in for the spammers and scammers to send junks and viruses through emails by evading the standard spam verification. Our integrated advanced antivirus and spam protection service will keep you safe from online threats and will reduce vulnerability. Our smart spam protection service scans all incoming emails individually for suspicious content against a database storing thousands of known spam emails and email addresses, and kicks off almost all unsolicited emails by using additional algorithms. Certain types of unwanted image also filtered out by our best email hosting.

IMAP and POP Support

Atova’s business email hosting supports both IMAP and POP protocols to get access to your incoming emails. IMAP technology allows remote access to its users’ emails stored in a remote server, and it works as a two-way protocol to allow users synchronize their emails among multiple devices. POP technology allows users to download their emails from a remote server to their local storages. Using our unlimited email hosting, you can configure your devices to access, manage, and reply to your emails, or to download your emails to your local storage and send replies by using our given IMAP, POP, and SMTP settings.

Calendars, Contacts & Tasks

Unlike other email hosting providers, Atova’s add-free and affordable email packages are specially designed to stay touched with your people and to make your life real smooth collaborating in a simple and secure way. Control your network of contacts, answer emails, manage to-do list to queue up your tasks, keep up your day-after-day appointment organized in one place with our easy to manage contact lists, task lists, and calendar through our webmail, or integrate with web based email services like gmail, outlook etc. and synchronize your calendars with Microsoft Exchange email software across all devices.

User-friendly Interface

Atova email hosts present 100% add-free and easy to use webmail interface that allows you a wide range of options and enhanced search features in organizing and categorizing your messages. Its powerful and user-friendly interface provides you the usability to receive and send emails, manage your mailboxes and contacts, create and organize your email folders in a perfect structure, drag and drop messages or sort out your emails either by subject or date in ascending or descending order for simple email management, control and manage your mail storage quota for easy inbox management and much more.

Handheld Device Support

No matter if you are working at home, hanging out with friends or family, on the road, or simply grabbing your meals at restaurant; Atova made it easier than ever to stay connected with your people 24/7 with email on your mobile. It is a completely seamless way so that you can manage your emails by composing, editing, sending, and receiving emails from your mobile phone at any time anywhere in the world. Through the auto sync between your mobile and our email server, your emails will also be stored on our secure server to ensure your emails are accessible anywhere at all times in your all other devices.

Pricing table new

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

Email Features
Mailboxes Included 1 20 50
Mailbox Storage 15GB / Per User 30GB / Per User 50GB / Per User
Secure Webmail
Secure Email Storage
Anti-Spam Protection
Email Account "All in One"
Full Mobile Support
Unlimited Email Traffic
Strict Virus Filtering
Catch All Mailbox
2 Web-based Mail Applications
Collaboration Features
Collaboration Tools
Backup Storage 15GB / Per User 30GB / Per User 50GB / Per User
Outlook Collaboration Features
OX Drive
Document View
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Support Features
Mobile Support
Ad-free & private
Anywhere Access

Guaranteed 100% Uptime

Enjoy uninterrupted email service from our world class highly reliable robust clustered cloud platform with 100% guaranteed uptime. This means your emails are hosted across an array of powerful servers with the combination of latest premium hardware, strong network and infrastructure to make sure the server’s performance remains stable and unaffected with no downtime at all. There’s no such complicated migration or interruption needed for your business while upgrading or downgrading your email hosting plan. Just get in touch with us; we can advise about best email hosting plan including , VPS hosting, cloud hosting, wordpress hosting, e-commerce hosting and get you the resources quickly to your requirement.

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