Android Apps Development

Android Apps Development

If you are looking to boost your income as an Android Developer and you have a lot of app ideas but do not know where and how to start, or you are seeking a career in Android Development and Java Programming that will finally give you freedom and flexibility, then this course is for you. Build a strong foundation in Android Development, Android Studio and object-oriented Java Programming with this complete course.

  • Build Android apps using Android Studio and Java Programming
  • Upload your android apps to Google Play
  • Make Money from your apps by displaying ads

This course will take you from knowing nothing about Android apps development to a complete Android developer. You will learn –

  • Android Studio and build User Interface (installation and walkthrough)
  • Fundamentals of Java Programming used to build Android apps
  • Variables, Arrays, Loops, ArrayLists, ListView
  • Inputs, Buttons and Reactive (Tap) Interfaces
  • Android Building blocks
  • Navigate between screens
  • How to pass information between screens
  • How professional android apps developers think and work
  • Designing and building android apps
  • How to publish your apps on Google Play
  • Build Sound Box app
  • Build WhatsApp Clone
  • How to integrate ads in your android apps to earn money

Course Details

Course Content

Java Programming, Android development, XML, JSON

Course Duration : 4 Months

Course Fee : 15000

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