Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce Solution

Atova, the best ecommerce solutions provider, develop and design professional e-commerce system. All of our cheap ecommerce solutions are absolutely scalable as well as customizable. We can manage all aspects of your ecommerce website from user experience centered web design, payment gate integration to social media integration. Our best ecommerce system connects the world’s largest marketplaces to your web store that allows you to publish, monitor and track your sales under one umbrella.

Bespoke Ecommerce

We are experts in the field of ecommerce, with both blue-chip companies and some top independent retailers choosing us for delivering their ecommerce solution. We have been building ecommerce sites using our own custom-built solution. It allows us full control to optimize, customize and deliver ecommerce websites with proven track records of ROI. When you ask us to build your ecommerce website design, we will use proven techniques and years of experience for delivering an online application that helps get you business. We understand that if you are making money, you will re-invest in your website.

Powerful Software

Our every ecommerce website design is bespoke and integrated with the exact software for your company. Not only will it work well for your customers, we will ensure it meets the needs and requirements of your business. Upon completion of your site with full training, you will have access to a complete administration area allowing you to manage products, customers, orders and much more. Detailed sales reports and analytics keep you in the loop about performance of your ecommerce website, allowing you to accurately measure your ROI. We are delivering your return on investment quickly.

Marketing Push

We are ecommerce experts and developed many tried and tested modules that are designed to effort sales for our ecommerce customers. With our bespoke marketing packages, we continue to drive traffic to your site using a mixture of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Re-Targeting Campaigns, Managed Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns, and Regular Email Newsletter Campaigns. Whether it is our advanced product filter, cross selling tools or clever features to offer discounts in exchange for social media followers, we have for you the tools to push that user over the line and make that sale.

Order Management System

In this very competitive ecommerce environment, merchants may get only one chance to impress a customer with on-time products delivery, great customer service, and accurate billing. Atova’s Order Management System allows merchants to have control over their order procedures from beginning to end, encompassing checkout, order fulfillment, my account and call center. Also helps merchants to ensure the smoothest operations, encourage repeat purchases, customer retention, increase sales and provide great customer service through the innovative suite of tools. It has been designed and engineered to be flexible incredibly whilst incorporating current ecommerce best practices.

Multi-site Ecommerce

Plan for growth with Atova’s flexible, scalable ecommerce solution. Effectively operate multiple B2B and Retail websites while providing branded stores and content for franchisees and affiliates simultaneously. Atova has been specifically developed to support global enterprise businesses operating large volume online operations across multiple websites in multiple languages. It allows centralized control of your product catalogue and simplifies the method of delivering personalized content, branding and pricing to different stores, affiliates and franchisees; means greater control of your public image, margins and pricing across complex e-business relationships.

Multiple Channels, One Solution

We can integrate our ecommerce with your offline systems to help with user management, importing inventory, exporting orders and synchronizing data, allowing your website to be either another independent point of sale for your business, or a completely integrated part of your current stores. With integrations to all major sales channels, you will be organizing all orders into a single place and managing your inventory across your chosen channels in no time. Exploit the power of online marketplaces from eBay to Amazon. We can help you leverage a huge customer base that frequents these stores.

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