Graphics Design

Graphics Design

As the professional graphic designer, Atova has the creative skills and expertise to deliver best quality graphic design. Our cheap graphic design covers a wide range of different style disciplines. These include logo design, packaging, presentations, brochures, branding and corporate identity, typography, marketing materials, image retouching, signage etc. We illustrate new ideas to brand the companies we work with, and always trying to make the web and user experience more beautiful and actually usable.

Logo Design

Logo graphic design is one of the most vital parts of your branding. It is more than just a pretty image; it is how you tell your consumers who and what you are. As logo graphic designer, we know how important it is to find the image that defines your business. We design simple, clean logos that communicate your brand identity and values with utmost effectiveness. They are vector designed and can be scaled to any size required. Wherever you need to be seen, our logos will ensure you are remembered too.

Brochure/Leaflet Design

Brochure and leaflet design is still very much popular for targeted marketing – particularly for events or parties. Creative, beautiful brochure design captures attention, makes brand loyalty and provokes an immediate call to action. Wherever there is a target market, willing to receive information, there is a place for a leaflet design. Here at Atova, We design to catch attention of the targeted audience; and to create images and feelings specific to a program, without losing sight of the personality of your brand.

Label Design

A label is the heart of a product. It is what your consumers look for when they go for shopping. Your label is your seal of quality, your assertion that everything it appears on bears the hallmarks of your brand's personality and ethos. So great label design that draws attention and conveys key brand and sales messages is integral for success. We ensure that your labels match your product and your corporate image – attracting your consumers and endorsing your products with that feel of authenticity.

Editorial/Magazine Design

Great editorial design, whether it is a magazines, newsletter, advertorial or journal, can entice readers and bring content to life. We can oversee every aspect of a publication’s production, from design to print. Whether launching a new magazine or serving with laying out a monthly newsletter, we ensure every page looks great and that production runs efficiently. As a professional magazine designer, we know whatever you want to say, and whoever you are trying to say it to, our magazine designs get your message out there in those all-important first few seconds.

Poster & Card Design

Poster design is a print area where massive target markets still exist. Large and wide format posters are seen by millions of commuters daily; and captive audiences, like those at theatres or cinemas, often make future purchasing choices based on the posters they see at their favorite venues. We create poster designs in all formats, including double sided printing for light boxes. We also design business cards, postcards, invitation cards, ID cards etc. We can develop the visuals for a total campaign for you, or fit in with an existing team of designers and marketing professionals.

Everything Creative

Atova Technology offers vast and ever-growing graphic design templates, made available by state-of-the-art technology. This makes it easy to personalize and adapt a design for your own individual use. From a digital adverting campaign to point of sale design, we guarantee that our clients look and sound outstanding. As a creative branding agency, bland or off-brand is not an option for us. Everything we undertake for our clients has to not just look great, but also express company values about who you are, what you stand for and where you are going.

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