Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

With over a decade of experience, Atova is the best mobile apps development company which is able to prototype, design, develop and integrate seamlessly mobile apps with your current website. Whether you would like to integrate mobile app into your business, aid in distribution or just have an entrepreneurial plan, we are here to help. Our cheap mobile apps development service provides an in-depth consultation phase and help clients to hone their app concepts before development begins.

Application Development

As a professional mobile apps developer, we can deliver fully integrated solutions including mobile internet websites, mobile coupons, augmented reality, mCRM and location based services. We have the expertise to utilize Bluetooth, SMS and MMS, QR Codes, GPRS and newer technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC) in the development of apps. We work alongside you to determine the ideal solution for your budget. You are involved in the development procedure every step of the way to make sure your requirements and objectives are met and your app has the best chance of success.

User Interface Design

Our innovative designs make sure that the user experience of your app is excellent, so that users will enjoy the visual experience and easily navigate through. We can also work with your brand team to confirm that the app meets your guidelines. With design experience across all platforms from iOS and android to responsive web, we endeavor to make user interfaces that not only look stylish and clean but connect with the brand and application purpose. From concepts to high fidelity final designs, collaboratively we work with our clients to create beautiful yet functional designs.

Mobile Marketing

The successful launching of any product depends on an suitable marketing campaign; even the most viral apps require a little help to get started. Due to most app stores are over-saturated marketplaces, the proper marketing strategy counts for everything; it is what distinguishes the successful apps from the elapsed ones found at the bottom of the list. To guarantee the success of your app, we have expertise to provide the full marketing mix of mobile advertising, SMS, app reviews, operator relations, social media placement, app store optimization, microsite development.

Mobile Consultancy

We facilitate businesses leverage the power of mobile to advance how employees and customers both encounter information. We develop integrated and innovative strategies, so that mobile, social media or digital might be an integral part of your marketing also communication mix. At Atova, we make the optimum use of insight and strategy for formulating clear objectives and deliver results. We can serve you with both national and international mobile strategies, supporting your delivery in-house and, supported by Dhaka based project management and design.

Responsive Design

A responsive website enables users the best viewing experience regardless of the device used. Responsive Design means you can manage one website with one set of links. This allows you to focus on link outreach with a consolidated SEO strategy unified across devices. Atova’s talented designers and developers have worked on a number of responsive web design projects. Therefore, if you are either looking at developing an amazing responsive webpage or want your existing website to be viewed on all devices available, we will make sure it is done the right way.

Enterprise Mobility

Our Enterprise Mobility solutions provide leading security and management controls that ensure data protection and secure connectivity from everywhere. These include secure connections to MDM solutions and corporate data that help enterprises securely and effectively manage enterprise mobility. We ensure that business professionals stay connected to company email, contacts, calendars and tasks from anywhere. Business users can seamlessly collaborate from remote locations to develop, discuss and finalize presentations together easily.

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