Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a process used to optimize a website's content, structure and quality to improve its organic visibility in search engines. Atova, the best SEO agency provides a number of processes such as keyword research, content marketing, site speed optimization, structured title and description creation and improved website architecture. Our professional SEO team is the most talented in the field and experts in running complex and multi-site ROI positive campaigns across global accounts.

Keyword Research

Finding out how people use search engines and the kind of keywords they use is essential to the process of SEO. By identifying keywords that potential customers might use to find your site, Atova can help you create a content and link development strategy that works for your site. Keyword research will show us what people are currently looking for when they arrive at your website. We can then make suggestions of potential search terms that might currently be overlooked, and help your pages rank higher in search engines when people look for these terms.

On-Site SEO

Atova carries out initial on-site search engine optimization which would be a one-time process to ensure the website is fully compliant and using available features which improve crawling ability, index-ability and data structure. Our On-Site SEO covers everything from keyword research and intent analysis through to title reviews, description analysis, header tags, content, page semantics, and navigational aspects, internal link anchors, site speed, UX, crawl data and more. Including practical recommendations of how you can improve your website and its structure

Local SEO

Many people now turn on location services when searching on Google, and this allows search engines to find businesses close to them. Local SEO is now more important than ever for businesses with one trading location, or a few branches in a certain geographical location. Atova has a range of skills to help optimize your site for the local market. By using relevant local keywords and creating the right content and link strategy, our affordable SEO services can help you get to the top of results for your area. Contact us if you are interested.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the process used to optimize mobile versions of websites or websites that cater for mobile platforms. Optimizing websites for mobile is so important because the evolution of mobile technology means more searches are conducted on the go than ever before. We optimize to the ‘rule of thumb’ theory – every aspect of your website requires to be accessible for your finger – links, small buttons and any amount of content that requires lots of scrolling is non-optimal. Forms should be remarkably short and information should be readily available in the fewest number of clicks possible.

SEO Reporting

Variable reporting often works best, matching customer information demand with recommendations on tracked and reported data. Our SEO reporting services are comprehensive and provide a wealth of information that can be used to determine how effective the SEO campaign is and providing an insight into position attributed sales/visitor interest. Atova offers an extensive reporting service including keyword ranking reports, keyword to conversion reports, dynamic ranking reports, SEO & PPC reports, visitor behavior and bounce rate analysis reports, conversion reports, brand awareness reports etc.

Content Development

Our content marketing team produces innovative campaigns, which combine creative flair with data driven insight. Our holistic approach to the process enables us to provide performance-focused campaigns with quantifiable results. We provide high ROI campaigns for clients with a cross-market. We have pioneered a collaborative approach to content creation; sourcing fundamental online influencers within a given niche and creating content with them. This not only provides content with authority, but ensures pre-publication buzz and extensive promotion across collaborators pre-existing networks.

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