Server Management Services

Complete Server Management Solution

High Performance Server Management Pricing



$50 pm
  • Downtime Response
  • Software Updates
  • Health Monitoring
  • Service Monitoring
  • 24/7 Support


$80 pm
  • Server Optimization
  • MySQL Monitoring
  • Server Hardening
  • Enhanced Security
  • 24/7 Support


$125 pm
  • Expanded Technologies
  • Advanced Security
  • Nessus/PCI Audits
  • Advanced Security
  • 24/7 Support

Dedicated Server Hosting Management Service

Atova provides a full array of Linux cPanel server management services with dedicated servers which combines many of the Atova managed services into a single discounted package. Our platinum server management includes installation and maintenance of standard software packages, proactive security monitoring, technical support and much more. Complete server management makes it extremely affordable for your business to reduce costs and improve the availability of your critical applications. As soon as your server setup is complete, it will start to perform as per your requirements.

Automated Server Management

Updating, patching, and configuring servers manually even in the smallest data centers can be a time-consuming job filled with the chance for costly errors. No matter what size business you serve, you need a way to reduce IT costs. Atova’s automated Linux server management allows you to provision, patch, and maintain your servers more rapidly and accurately. You can comprehensively manage your Linux servers across physical, virtual and cloud platforms while improving data center efficiency. Our server management delivers the capabilities you need to manage your Linux systems effectively at a more affordable price.

24x7 Proactive Monitoring

Our 24x7 server management provides advanced monitoring, anticipating, diagnosing, and resolving any issues for your server and the services on it with no automated application services and false alarms, so you can rest assured we have got you covered. Our dedicated monitoring team keeps an eye on the connectivity and server services 24x7 round-the-clock to deliver you a wide range of management services including hard disk usage reporting and health checking, MySQL resource monitoring, RAM and SWAP monitoring, cPanel and DirectAdmin monitoring, email alerts and phone support, TCP/UDP Service monitoring, and much more.

Website & Server Optimization

A well-optimized server gets more than 50% speed compared to its original state. Our experts provide server optimization to help diagnose potential performance bottlenecks with your site and ensure your site has the proper amount of resources it needs. Atova’s optimization service includes Linux Operating System optimization, Apache security tweaks and performance optimization, HDD tuning, PHP compilation and optimization, MySQL optimization and security changes, third-party software and script Installations, server software updates, kernel tuning, Nginx caching proxy configuration and much more.

Server Hardening & Security

Atova’s complete server management package is a comprehensive set of tools and service designed to enhance the security, performance, and reliability of your website and server. It includes an advanced firewall, email antivirus and anti-spam systems. Enhanced malware scanning and anti-spam configuration maximizes spam protection with minimum false positives. Our basic server security also includes Linux security and hardening, LFD alerts on brute force attacks, PHP hardening, SMTP tweaking, Root login email alerts, Mod_security setup with our own custom ruleset, Sysctl.conf hardening, and much more.

Managed Backup & Recovery

Data backup is an essential part of any solid infrastructure plan to recover the loss of file deletion or modification by either human error or malicious activity. Atova offers R1Soft to provide a best in breed client-agent backup solution for Linux server management. We offer Bare Metal disaster recovery to restore your dedicated server to its previous state prior to a complete disk failure without operating system re-installation or new hard disk partition. Servers are fully operational during backups, and only changed disk sectors are copied for instant incremental backups without time consuming.

Linux Systems Management

Our Linux systems management helps you to reduce the inherent complexity of managing several Linux distributions, manage Linux systems across diverse hardware architectures in virtual and cloud environments, and experience seamless systems management with a single centralized solution. It works for our Linux enterprise server-based virtual and software appliances which expands your flexibility and helps your IT firm realize the potential of virtual and cloud computing. Based on availability, performance and cost, you can decide the location of workloads where they make sense without losing any control.

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