SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Atova’s best SMS marketing service made SMS marketing platform simple. Connect, communicate and engage with your customers with easy and cost efficient SMS marketing campaigns. At Atova, we provide a range of professional SMS marketing services to enable businesses of any size – from global corporate users to small independent traders. Our cheapest SMS marketing packages offer no setup fees, contract or software to download and heaps of valuable features that blows the completion out of the water.

Bulk Web SMS

Our web SMS system offers the flexibility to be used in a range of sectors, from mass retailers, recruitment agencies, independent boutiques and right through to restaurants and takeaways. We have a range of features you can use at your fingertips. All accounts come with a free reply number to make it more effective and simple for you to get the responses you want to the messages that you send. We only use direct connections to send SMS and never ever use low quality, international or grey routes to send our SMS traffic, meaning high speed and high quality.

Schedule Messages

Our SMS marketing platform enables you to design, schedule and deliver a 100% personalized SMS campaign to your audience in a few easy. You can set your campaign to go out to your audience up to 12 months in advance. You have a couple of options like you can set the message to go out at a specific time and date, or you can schedule the campaign over a period of time by choosing a start and end date and time. This may reduce overloading your call center or reception desk staff. Scheduled messages not delivered yet to the network can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Email to SMS

Compose an e-mail simply in the usual manner and send it to the Atova Email to SMS address. Instantly your email is converted and delivered as a text message to your customer. They can even reply straight from their mobile to your E-mail inbox. This solution is ideal for anyone needing quick one-on-one SMS communication. It is also perfect for server alerts or monitoring. You can control your text message content. When a customer replies, you can instantly forward the message to your email, perfect for continuing the conversation without leaving your favorite email client.

Mobile & SMS Survey

It has never been easier of generating and sending surveys than with Atova. Collecting feedback from your clienteles is key to all businesses to know your customers and improve your services. Surveys conducted by SMS can get up to 30% response rate, where email is usually only around 3%. It is more convenient for your customers to decide when and where to complete the survey. Your customers’ phone is usually within reach throughout the day, meaning they are more likely to check it in regular basis, unlike their email which can often only get checked once or twice a week.

Feature-rich SMS API

Feature-rich APIs and wrappers make sending and receiving SMS easy and fast. The Atova SMS API will give you the tools you need to send and receive SMS text messages, add new contacts and manage your account. Using a simple HTTP POST, you can connect into our SMS API. We have made it very easy to connect with us. Our service has an uptime of 99.99%. Talk to us about connecting any software, server or site and we will make it happen. Using our SMS API, you can: inject numbers directly into your account, create new groups, create new sub accounts, and move credits.

Delivery Report & Tracking

You can quickly view which numbers successfully have received your message and those that have not - this will help you keep on top of your data and filter out the mobile numbers unused. Enrich your content with intelligently the tracked URL links and get more from your SMS marketing campaigns. Link to online content and add value to your customers. Find out the person interacting with your SMS messages, providing valuable data for future campaigns. We will tell you how many times your links are clicked, we will also tell you who clicked, when and on what device.

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