Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is incredibly a powerful platform reaching millions of people around the globe. It is no wonder so many businesses are utilizing social media as an independent marketing channel to build brand awareness and a wider client/customer base. Atova helps businesses exploit cheap social media advertising so that their brand can grow successfully. Social media is more for establishing brand and providing a visual way of clients, customers and associates to interact with the brand online.

Facebook Advertising

With a wide range of information about each and every one Facebook user, our account handlers are able to accurately search for the individuals who would be most likely to be interested in whatever your company has to offer. We provide free, no obligation quotes to businesses of any kind. You can limit your ads to show only to a certain gender, users in a certain age range, group with certain interests, and pinpoint the precise locations in which you are interested in marketing to - as well as many other customizable features.

Twitter Followers

Backed up by Atova Team's understanding of marketing and sales techniques, our cutting edge messaging service can bring customers on the move to your store. With an interactive feed providing useful content, you can afford to sit back and enjoy your followers grow. Gaining followers proves to be a huge boost to your profits, with 68% of Twitter users likely to purchase from a company that they follow. We work on giving users a reason to follow your profile, with innovative and unique Social Media promotion strategies to build that all important following.

LinkedIn Advertising

Atova’s best social media marketing team will help you to reach premium professional audiences in the brand-safe professional context of LinkedIn. We identify audiences using LinkedIn’s exclusive professional targeting facets based on relevant member profile data, and ensure your message reaches your target audience with guaranteed impressions. So purchase guaranteed impressions directly from Atova Tech, and get your business in front of the audiences who matter most – and drive them to your website or landing pages.

Google Advertising

Get your ad on Google and be seen by customers at the right moment that they are searching on Google for the things you offer. Whether you are searching to bring in new website visitors, grow sales online, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Atova can help. Target your ads to shoppers in certain countries, regions or cities, or within a set distance from your business or shop. By using Google advertising, we help your business gets found by people on Google especially when they are searching for the things that you offer.

YouTube Advertising

Whether you are building awareness, looking to convert more prospects, attract new and better quality leads, drive sales or grow loyalty and retention, YouTube advertising campaigns typically outperform everything else. We have the skilled social media marketers who have a deep strategic knowledge of viewer mindset for producing creative and compelling video ads. Our video production team work hard from the start of any project to create pre-roll video ads that drive engagement, quality leads and brand awareness straight to your business.

Social Media Management

Social media continues to grow, year on year. Avoiding social media as a business is avoiding a change, an opportunity to interact with and understand your audience. Maintaining a social media presence can keep your organization on the tip of everyone's tongue or fingers. Atova Team will work closely with your business to create a personalized social media strategy. We know exactly how to make it work. Our range of options allows any business to find a package that suits them. Our up to date skill and knowledge will keep your company one step ahead.

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