Software Development

Software Development

Software development is all about harnessing power. Atova’s professional software developers build software systems and dynamic web-based applications to satisfy even the most complicated business needs. We can find solutions to even the most complex and demanding issues and deliver them on time and on budget. Complex software often requires a creative software solution. Something that targets your exact requirements, processes and business environment. That is exactly what our best software designers will help deliver.

Enterprise Architecture

Atova’s clarity of thinking, pureness in design and having a long term horizon results in stunning architecture that runs reliably and is cost-effective to maintain for the long run. We engineer first class software, use open source contents where appropriate, exploit cloudy infrastructure to minimize development, simplify management and maximize flexibility and scalability. We have an unusually wide and deep range of expertise in developing software and applications. Most of our work includes the creation of bespoke business systems, using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server.

Custom Software Development

Atova Technology is a custom software development company specializes in building scalable software applications, automation software and business software. We primarily develop applications which automate everyday workflow of an organization or company and makes life easier. Our cross-functional practice of product managers, UX designers, engineers, developers, and QAs accelerates software to market for our clients. This takes a bit more time upfront about asking a lot of questions, interviewing different people, as well as proposing multiple solutions.

Research, Define, Refine

Before crafting the ideal software solution for you, we first make sure we have an in-depth appreciation of your aims and objectives. So we will interview key members of your team, hold stakeholder workshops and briefing sessions, and even survey your users to discover what they want to achieve from your digital products. When we are fully up to speed, our engineers, coders and architects can begin translating your requirements into a useful and usable format. We will build representative, interactive prototypes to determine with outright certainty that the solution we propose is suitable.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Custom software is expensive and, unfortunately, cost overruns are common in our industry. Cost effective solutions are important to our clients, both in terms of development and ongoing costs. At Atova, we tend to see ourselves as stewards of your budget. In fact, we define a scope of work upfront that matches your initial capital. We never promise more scope than your budget can handle. We will make sure there is enough capital for a strong first release and then try to squeeze as much value as possible out of that initial budget.

Component Based Development

One of the most substantial technical developments in recent years has been the growth in the market for development components and promises to take software engineering into a new era. These are pre-packaged code modules that solve particular problems e.g. writing PDF files, displaying charts, or even integrating a complete set of graphic drawing tools into a program. Utilizing components decreases the cost of development and generally leads to a significantly higher quality level for a similar project budget.


As both technological and business environments change at an increasing rate, flexibility has become a crucial issue for software development projects. Engineering staffs of Atova have extensive expertise in delivering on time, in cost and with a degree of flexibility which Atova clients truly appreciate. Micro-services architectures, open source componentry, development best practice, and cloud wizardry merge to create software that can adapt to new opportunities in a changing world.

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