Software Testing & QA Services

Software Testing & QA Services

Atova Technology, the best Software Testing and Quality Assurance company in Bangladesh. We are ready to provide you with all types of manual and automated software testing, dedicated testing teams, QA and QC support in IT outsourcing software testing projects and more. Our Software Testing and Quality Assurance group partners with you to bolster development initiatives, and providing reliable support across a range of hardware and software that ensure test coverage and drive application quality.

Website Testing

Atova team specializes in manual functionality and browser compatibility testing of web applications, websites, and client-server applications. We deliver a full range of website and web application testing services to help you be sure that it is in compliance with the highest functional, security and usability standards of quality in Internet. When web application testing is carried out, your website or web application is tested for potential bugs and all necessary reports are performed based on your web testing requirements. We will make a complete analysis of your application, identify risks and prioritize key testing tasks.

Mobile Testing

Atova provides mobile app and device testing services for Android, iOS, Windows, and other mobile platforms. We test with physical devices, not through emulators. With our mobile application testing services, you will be sure that your application works stable on multiple mobile devices and networks; your mobile app will demonstrate the highest level of user experience and quality; you will find it cost-efficient and time saving. Our professional mobile testing consultants will help you choosing the most appropriate types of mobile application testing that will be in full compliance with all your requirements.

Desktop App Testing

As a software testing company, Atova has a wide experience in delivering pc application testing services to our clients from anywhere in the world. We aim to follow the newest trends in pc application testing and development to provide you with the most applicable and leading edge solutions. With our pc application testing services, you will get: adherence to security standards; high-quality consulting services using the latest technology; experience in testing of multifunctional pc applications; and different methodologies. Our professional testers will help you to perform it in the most efficient way.

Load & Scalability Testing

Atova has a large infrastructure and skilled engineers, ideal to test the scalability of your IT software and services. Whether your software is client/server, mobile, web-based, or something new, Atova’s engineers can design tests that will meet your specific needs. Our load and performance testing team has extensive knowledge and experience testing a variety of software from small-scale content sites to enterprise applications and everything in between. These services include: load and scalability testing, functional testing, performance measurement, web log analysis, usability testing, compatibility testing, reliability testing.

Security Testing

Aiming to ensure the potential security to prevent any issues relating to weaknesses of your system e.g. malicious data or other related threats. The main principles of security testing are: strong protection against any third-party encroachment to disclose the information; security measures to ensure the data is verified and trusted; confirmation the identity of a person or software program; detecting if required data is available for use when expected; actions to make sure that requester is entitled to receive required data or perform an operation; and ensuring that the authenticity of an operation cannot be denied.

QA Consulting

Our software testing consulting services are based on real experience only. Hence, theoretical and hands-on skills are inextricably linked. Benefits of our software testing and quality assurance consulting: efficient review moderation, further accountability, an objective view on the problems occurred throughout the testing process, open communication process, and independent assessment of the situation. Our experienced testing and consulting team uses leading edge approach to deliver a high degree of assurance that tested software or application will meet its intended purpose in the most preferable and bug-free way.

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